Welcome to the official website of MsJuliaBauer and her project ROBLOX sex!

About MsJuliaBauer

Julia makes quality sex places and models on ROBLOX, then uploads videos to YouTube of them. These videos can range in nature from showing places, trailers of upcoming places and tutorials on how she makes her places and how to use her models.


As mentioned above, Julia makes models on ROBLOX. These models are free to the public and can be accessed on our models page! 

Account Information

You can find out all about Julia's ROBLOX accounts and what projects they are currently working on. As well as if they will accept your friend request, and other information on the accounts page!

YouTube and Blog

Julia's main asset is YouTube and she uploads all sorts of things there. Her channel name is MsJuliaBauer. Julia has her own blog as well that she updates as often as she can. Through her blog, you can see lots of extra content and sneak peaks!

ROBLOX Paintings

ROBLOX Paintings is a project Julia started in 2012 in which she takes an old erotic painting and makes it in ROBLOX. There are only a couple so far, but you can check them out on the ROBLOX Paintings page on the website.

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